The Inaugural 2017 “Unime” Awards!

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Best in Sci-Fi

Girls’ Last Tour


Girls’ Last Tour hits us with one of the most unique and interesting Post-apocalyptic story settings I’ve ever seen. A story of two girls wandering across a dying world in a miniature tank, wondering at the complexities of past civilization, and unintentionally theorizing about mind-blowing philosophical issues. The two adorable moeblob protagonists are a perfect offset to the desolate, lonely world they live in, and with an amazing soundtrack, the show absolutely blew me away this Fall season.

Classroom of the Elite

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e (TV)Austryker:

Classroom of the Elite is one of those shows where the technology, concepts, and ideas really dragged me through it at first. But, as the episodes progressed, I slowly began to become more and more invested in the characters. What I initially disregarded as your run of the mill “High School sucks with a twist” show slowly became a fascinating story that peaked my interest continually. It’s obviously going to have drama elements incorporated into the plot, as it’s a high school, but the show touches on some social issues such as isolation, the fear of anxiety, and other problems that occur often among teenagers, and does so well. This is one of the few shows this year of whom I anticipated the next episode, and learning more about the character, and the world they live in. Honestly, the show is somewhat hit or miss, as I’ve heard many people completely trash it the same way I’ve heard people praise it. But to me, this show was and excellent concept brought out into an interesting story, despite its flaws.




Made In Abyss


Made in Abyss is a combination between fantasy and sci-fi world, with such a well thought out story, that it made me fall in love instantly. True, it centers around Riko and Reg, two characters discovering the Abyss together and may seem like a classic adventure type of anime. It delivers on so many fronts – from story, visuals and soundtrack to the emotional blow it has and some deeper, more philosophical existential questions. Exploring the depths of Abyss can be just that, searching for relics and some weird technology long forgotten. Or it can be a soulsearching  as well, depends how much weight you want it to have.





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