The Inaugural 2017 “Unime” Awards!

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Best Anime Movie

No Game No Life; Zero

nogamenolife-poster-8eeea14a9cb704844c0cfb95e26d1f2dAstralGemini & Austryker:

I’m a huge fan of the No Game No Life franchise. I own a bunch of the light novels, have seen the Anime multiple times, and I was super excited when Madhouse announced they would be making a movie based on Volume 6 of the LN, my personal favorite volume. I had the amazing opportunity to watch NGNL:Zero in the theater, and goodness gracious, were my expectations blown out of the water. Not only was the incredible story of the LN translated almost perfectly, the soundtrack was incredible, and the visuals were utterly unbelievable. It may be the best movie I saw this year, period, and I know that I didn’t see anyone leave that theater with dry eyes.






Your Name


Your Name has been released back in 2016, but as it takes a bit longer to be released in theaters around the world it consequently still fits the 2017 profile of this post. It’s insane popularity is well deserved as it offers spectacular animation and a unique journey on a grand emotional roller coaster. Your Name is a body-swap romance that takes you through many juxtaposes, from male and female, city and country, past and present. It incorporates elements of supernatural in a manner I haven’t spotted very often and mixes it with adventure and romance. The sense of displacement, always looking for something or someone is such a relatable trait that it makes this movie appropriate for any age group.




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