The Magical World of Sapphire’s Lair (Introduction)

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My name is Polona and I run on coffee, tea and anime! I have been a blogger for a couple of years now. Started my first blog, UniqaPoly, back in 2012 and it’s still running.  I felt like expanding and thought on writing about other interests in my life. So I ended up creating Sapphire’s Lair! One thing led to another – I got into anime world and got sucked into the infinite vortex of amazing creativity! Now I’m here, about to write for Unime and I am really excited!

Anime is life

I started watching anime as an 8-year-old kid, by chance really, seeing Sailor Moon ona TV channel. I fell in love with the  stories, colours, the music, design. Everything was just speaking to me on a whole new level and I immediately felt attracted to it. It took me a couple of years to get into anime again with seeing Studio Ghibli animations on local TV and I fell in love all over again. As a kid I liked Sailor Moon, as a teenager I couldn’t get my eyes off Miyazaki’s creations. Than life happened and it took me a couple more years to just accept the fact that I am never really growing up! And that being said I embrace everything that anime world gives me – the feelings, the inspiration, ideas, courage and strength!

For some reason anime can excite me or stress me, calm me down or make me feel over the moon as nothing else in my life! It can be fun or it can be painfully close to real life experiences and it makes me appreciate the whole anime world a lot more.

Considering that I am fairly new to the whole anime universe, I hope that you won’t mind me making some wrong interpretations. Usually while watching an episode I go for how it makes me feel and why. Later I start analyzing, searching for answers, comparing and getting as many informations as possible. I try to think and write in detail, without leaving out anything, though that sometimes makes for a very long post to read.

About me

Aside from anime I really like a lot of different things, but the one common theme is fantasy world! For example – I love Robert Jordan’s The Wheel Of Time series of books. I still think those are the most epic 14 books I have ever read! I am a big fan of Middle Earth and therefore Lord of The Rings and Hobbit, along with Silmarillion. When I am not indulging into TV shows, movies or books, I love to play games. It can be a PC game, PlayStation game or just old school board game night with friends. The dominant part of my life goes to metal music and concerts. At the same time I  love  and appreciate classical music or epic movie/anime soundtracks. Especially Joe Hisaishi and the work he created for Studio Ghibli!

If you feel like talking about these topics with me, feel free to contact me here or through my blog. You can find me on Instagram or Facebook! Hope to see you around and in the comments under my blog posts!

Thanks for reading!


Love, Polona

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