Our Solution To Uniting Anime Fans The Uni-Box


Our Solution To Uniting Anime Fans And Spreading Anime Around The US!

Welcome to Unime where our goal is to connect anime fans around the United States like never before, and to accomplish that an idea was spawned to give anime fans a way to expand their anime collection from other anime fans. We’ve come up with the perfect idea to help you get some new stuff and earn rewards along the way!

By subscribing to our small monthly subscription you can receive manga from other anime fans, dvd’s, stickers, posters, small bags, cups, and more. You’ll be getting something new while helping someone else reduce their clutter! What anime fan wouldn’t want to try a Uni-Box? Starting at just $7 a month you can partake in the the next big thing to hit the anime community.

As the first wave of Uni-boxes are being prepared we will only be doing releasing 100 boxes in September 2017 as we finalize our system. Each one of our Uni-boxes includes three special items we throw in each month. The first set will include limited addition Yumiko stickers, our signature buttons along with a summer tote bag!

The manga in each Uni-box is used but have very minimal wear or any sign of use. We pride ourself in providing quality at a very low and affordable cost to our community. Each month we thrown in an special extra item as a bonus to our loyal subscribers. To help expand the reach of anime we donate a small portion of our manga collection to Japanese manga/anime clubs around the U.S.!!!

unime custom stickers

To become one of the first people to get a Uni-Box simply fill out the form below.

How It’ll Work Using Patreon <- Click

  1. Create a account with Unime here it’s simple and should take about 2 minutes. Making an account gives us more information about you which will help us find anime more specific to you.
  2. Next, subscribe to our Patron Page where you can choose from any of our packages. Currently there are only 4 available. They are listed below 
  3. If you choose our Gold Box/Platinum you’ll be able to receive a Vol.1 manga or in certain instances Vol.1-3.
  4. After you subscribe on Patreon send me a private message there with your email or username you registered with for our site. So we can confirm your subscription and a Uni-Box shipped out to collect your manga.
  5. Inside the Uni-Box will be a return label and enough space for your manga to be safely shipped back to us. You’ll even get a special Yumiko sticker for that month inside too!
  6. Once we receive your manga well send you a email with the confirmation and thats it everything set.
  7. At the beginning of each month Uni-box’s will be shipped out and should arrive at your doorstep within 5-7 days.

The Boxes

$23 Gold Box – Receive two manga from our vast library of Vol. 1 Manga, a custom monthly theme’d item and an accessory!

$15 Platinum Box – Receive one manga from our vast library of Vol. 1 Manga, a monthly theme’d item and a anime treat!

$10 Silver Box – Receive two manga from our vast library of Vol. 1 Manga, a monthly theme’d item!

$3 Supporter Badge – A special sticker of Yumiko our mascot and become listed in our 1 Year Magazine coming out next year plus our Patreon Page!

Your Feedback And Help Will Make Us Better

With all the support from our social media community we’ve made it this far but with the help from you we can  increase the work load and expand our reach. The content in each box will be different and follow a theme we let the community choose by doing voting events . To make spice Building a social network around Unime will be the next big step to truly combine and unite anime!

If are any questions please refer to our patreon page where you can contact us directly.

– The Unime Team



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