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The Princes’ Royal Excursion

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Knowing that this episode focused on the princes going into town, I definitely expected all kinds of hilarity. Normally in movies where royals go to town in disguise and mingle with commoners, they’re either overly cautious or totally clueless when it comes to paying for things. Well with four pretty boy princes with varying personalities, those are only some of the things one could expect from them.

Today’s Lesson

Heine gathers all four princes together for what they assume is a group lesson, but he informs them that they will be going on a “field trip” into the city to learn about the people and their lives. While Licht is excited, Bruno and Kai are a bit concerned as they’d never walked through town before. Heine assures them that it’s perfectly safe and the princes agree, but Leonhard refuses, wondering why a royal would need to know about commoners’ lives. The tiny professor tells him a story of a Granzreich princess who lived an ignorant life of luxury until the people revolted and sent her to the guillotine (sounding an awful lot like Marie Antoinette), and the young prince is scared into compliance. Heine calls the princes to the courtyard carriage house at ten o’clock and advises them to dress inconspicuously.

Sometime later, the princes arrive at the carriage house dressed quite casually (thanks to Licht). Bruno feels they should hide their faces, but Licht insists that would only make them stand out more. The group heads out into town where Heine has the driver stop in an alley. Bruno and Licht are excited to see all the bustling people, though Leonhard seems to have developed an understandable yet slightly irrational fear of commoners. Licht attempts to show everyone around, but realizes too late that he’d been led around by his lady friends and therefore finds himself lost. Due to his newfound phobia, Leonhard is absolutely terrified of being sent to the guillotine so he clings to the professor for dear life.

The group reaches the shopping district, so Heine offers to let them split up to shop. Bruno heads off to the bookstore while Heine escorts Licht and Leonhard to the general store. Though initially advised to look around, Leonhard grabs the first doll he sees and decides to buy it. He is a little flustered when it comes to paying for the doll, and even with a quick lesson from Heine, he offers all his money to cashier. Luckily for him, she is kind enough to only take what the doll costs and gives him correct change. Leaving the shop, Licht and Leonhard run off on a “quick errand” and Heine reunites with Bruno at the bookstore. Naturally, the bibliophilic prince is fascinated by the variety of books and has put aside a staggering pile of books to take home. After attempting to whittle down the pile to only the essentials, he learns from the clerk that they will hold books for him and eagerly accepts.

Heine notices Licht periodically whispering to his brothers, but mostly disregards it. They find Kai in the plaza covered with pigeons, having bought pigeon feed. He lets Heine feed some of the pigeons, which quickly gather and temporarily fly off with him. They are then approached by Licht who is eager to try a nearby sausage stand. Bruno and Leonhard are initially shocked at the idea of eating while standing, but after Heine shows them how it’s done, they are delighted by the relaxed simplicity of the food. Later that afternoon, they witness a thief snatch a purse from an old woman. Reminded of their own grandmother, Leonhard decides to go after the thief only to find Kai has already retrieved the purse and the thief. The old woman offers the princes bags of candy as thanks, which they happily accept.

On the way back, the princes marvel at the beauty of the town’s lights, noticing the shops they visited. When asked what caught their eyes most, they all give rather superficial answers, leading Heine to declare that they haven’t learned the lesson. He tells them what should have caught their attention the most was the smiles of the townspeople as they lived their lives, and the swiftness with which the police caught the purse snatcher; things their father worked hard to bring back to the kingdom. He advises the boys not to forget that the lights represent their father’s efforts, and they should each “aim to be a king who will make the kingdom’s history shine even brighter.”

Later that night, Leonhard intercepts Heine in the hallway and invites him on a stroll. What actually happens is Leonhard carries the tiny professor and paces up and down the same set of stairs. He sets Heine down in front of door and peeks through, asking if everything is ready yet. Thinking whatever’s will not surprise him, Heine enters the room to find the princes, along with their grandmother and sister, have set up an elaborate welcome dinner for him, which the princes apparently made themselves. They each offer him gifts they bought in town: a book from Bruno, the doll Leonhard so bravely bought, a masquerade costume from Licht, and a pigeon from Kai (which flies away through an open window). Finally feeling welcomed by the princes, Heine is able to sleep soundly in his room.

As usual, this episode did not fail to make me laugh. I always love seeing chibi images of Heine, and seeing him being carried off by pigeons was hysterically funny. As a fellow bookworm, I sympathized with Bruno fretting that he chose more books than he could carry and exceeded his budget (the plight of otaku everywhere ^_^). Heine’s last line, “Even though I don’t belong here…”, is a little troubling. Sure, he’s a commoner now living in the palace. But what else could he mean? The preview seems to show a group lesson and images of sachertorte and possibly one of Licht’s lady friends, both of which would very amusing.

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  1. This was a really sweet episode. I really enjoyed the way they built up to the ending with the prince’s conspiring most of the way through the show (in a very obvious fashion). It was really cute. Thanks for sharing.

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