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The Royal Tutor’s Past Comes Back to Haunt Him

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After settling an incident from Kai’s past, it was hinted that the focus would shift on Heine’s still unknown background. With Count Rosenberg still about, things are going to get tense pretty fast. And since keeping his past a secret was the condition under which Heine accepted the position of Royal Tutor, I worry that his time with the princes may be drawing to a close.

During an errand in town, Heine runs into Count Rosenberg who invites Heine to chat with him. Heine continually declines, but Rosenberg clearly never intended to give him a choice in the matter. Rosenberg “escorts” Heine into the carriage and drives off. He tells the diminutive tutor that he’d heard all about him from the palace guard Maximilian, who just so happens to be his cousin (despite radically different personalities, there is a slight family resemblance). Maximilian had apparently raved about how close Heine and the princes were and Rosenberg notes how much the boys have changed since the tutor’s arrival. Heine admits that he’d wanted to talk to Rosenberg as well, since he always seemed to be behind the scenes when a problem arose with one of the princes (exposing Licht’s secret job and trying to lure Bruno away from the throne). When Heine brings up the recent incident with Kai, Rosenberg feigns innocence, claiming to have no knowledge of anyone named Ralf von Fuchs. He admits to having a friend named Adam von Fuchs, but still denies knowing Ralf as well as telling him that the two princes were abusing their power. Rosenberg claims that since Prince Eins is the odds-on favorite to inherit, he would have no reason getting involved in the younger princes’ affairs.

He then brings up the second tabloid article about a criminal slipping into the palace, and asks if Heine might have a clue to their identity. But just then, they arrive at the palace to find Leonhard waiting for Heine. Before departing, Rosenberg tells Heine that he found out the the tiny educator had tutored children at a church called Maria Vetsera before coming to the palace. And upon investigating why Heine was teaching at the church, he discovered that Heine isn’t from “their side.” Rosenberg takes off and Heine heads back into the palace with Leonhard attempting to tail him. Heine catches the young prince following him and, after a ¬†short chase, Leonhard demands to know about the church. The tutor explains that he was a volunteer tutor at the church and received only a meal for each day’s work. Heine notices the paper Leonhard is carrying and discovers that the problem child has been studying ahead. Leonhard admits that sometimes he does want to study and Heine commends the boy’s hard work, promising to grade the paper in time for their lesson.

On his way back to his room, Heine overhears Bruno tutoring a group of children including Princess Adele. He shows Bruno a corrected article regarding the military school incident and commends the prince for tutoring children. Bruno reveals that he’d been wondering what else he would need to learn as a candidate for the throne when Adele asked him to teach her, and realized he wanted to become a king who is needed by multiple generations. The children interrupt them with a stream of questions for Bruno, asking everything from his least favorite to if he has a girlfriend. Heine convinces Bruno to continue with the lesson, asking how he plans to lead a nation of millions if he can’t lead a few children. He tells the prince that he must have an “appealing temperament” or else no one will want to follow him. Recalling that was why he declared Heine his master, Bruno agrees and proceeds to answer the childrens’ questions.

Later, the tutor happens upon Kai chatting happily with some maids. Kai asks to speak with Heine and reveals his desire to go back to military school, having previously given up due to the incident. He explains that he’s happy finally being able to speak to the palace staff, but decides that he needs to learn to interact with people who aren’t as nice. Heine commends the prince for his revelation, but suggests that he talk to his father beforehand. He then accompanies Licht to the cafe and notes his popularity with the ladies. Licht tells his tutor that he actually learns a lot from them, like educational problems, rising land prices and where more doctors are needed. That night in his room, he reflects on Rosenberg’s words and recalls the condition he gave King Viktor for accepting the job.

The next day, Leonhard tells his brothers about Heine’s previous volunteer position. He also tells them he’d first heard the news from Count Rosenberg (which strikes a slight nerve with Licht) who had also said Heine wasn’t from their side. The princes then realize how little they know about their tutor and Bruno admits that he’d previously researched Heine but didn’t find anything. Licht suggests searching Heine’s room for clues, but only Bruno protests. Deciding he can’t his brothers rummage freely through Heine’s room, Bruno reluctantly agrees to go with them if only to keep them in line. The group heads to the tutor’s room and, after first knocking, they prepare to enter with a set of keys (which Licht likely borrowed from a maid). To their surprise, Heine suddenly appears behind them and they quickly claim needing help with homework. Heine agrees and lets them in, and the princes are shocked to find the room to be buried in books. The micro teacher admits that he hadn’t had time to clean the room due to being busy with work, which the princes immediately assume is their fault. Perhaps partly out of a sense of guilt, the brothers suddenly declare that they will clean the room to express their gratitude for his help.

As expected, Bruno devises a plan for cleaning and decides to being with organizing the floor items, tasking himself and Leonhard to the books and leaving the rest to Licht and Kai. After Bruno chastises Leonhard’s method of shelving the books, Licht suggests putting them in the general area and properly organizing them later (arousing slight suspicion from his brothers). In their cleaning, the princes happen upon a florally-decorated box which Heine tells them is a private item and moves it himself. He returns to work and the boys decide to somehow check the box for clues. They then attempt to distract Heine and somehow manage to open the box, where they find letters from Heine’s former students and even the gifts they gave him. Reading some of the letters, they learn the previous students loved Heine dearly and that Heine in turn treasures all his students. The tutor adds that the princes’ individuality makes it truly rewarding to teach them and that he is grateful to have met them. With renewed spirits, the boys continue cleaning and Leonhard volunteers to return some books to the royal library. But before he makes it out of the room, he runs into a maid bringing tea. Licht hurries over to help but slips and falls into a bookshelf which then has a domino effect on the rest of the room.

Heine offers to help clean the new mess, but Leonhard suddenly declares he needs a lesson. The princes usher Heine back to his desk (which was fortunately spared) and get back to work. By the end of the day, the room is spotless. Heine thanks the boys for the gesture and invites them to stay for tea (and sachertorte, of course). Just then, Licht notices an abandoned newspaper and spots the article about the alleged criminal slipping into the palace. The princes dismiss the article as outrageous, believing everyone in the palace was too nice and that a criminal couldn’t possibly slip in. Heine declares a sudden lesson, rebuking the princes for automatically assuming the truth without confirming it and suggests the criminal could be someone in the palace who is nice to them. He then asks, “What if it was me?”

With all the secrecy surrounding Heine’s background, I figured he would either come clean to the princes or go to great lengths to keep it a secret. But now, it is starting to seem like the former will happen. When Heine urges Licht to continue pursuing a path he believes in, the prince says it sounds like he’s saying goodbye. This may be the fangirl in me talking, but I do worry that it’s true. In the next episode, it looks like we’ll see a much younger Viktor and may finally learn the connection between him and our little tutor. Heine once mentioned that Viktor was the first person he was able to trust. Perhaps there was some sort of debt involved. I recently learned that this anime will end in two more episodes, so hopefully we learn everything and see some resolution.

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