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The Seventh Hokage – Boruto and Naruto

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I noticed from the preview most of this mirrors the “Day Naruto Became Hokage” mini-movie. I did figure there’d be more to it than that, but it did seem a little redundant to me. And of course, there would definitely be more of Boruto and his issues with his father (really hope he gets over it someday ><).

Helping take care of a sick Himawari, Boruto recalls when Naruto became the Seventh Hokage. The night before the inauguration ceremony, Naruto had come home drunk after celebrating with his friends. When Himawari’s attempts to wake him up the next morning fail, Boruto resorts to pouncing on his father. Hinata leaves to pick up Naruto’s formal wear, as the incredibly senile seamstress hasn’t finished it and stubbornly refuses to delegate the job (because of this, Kakashi’s robe wasn’t ready in time and they were forced to improvise).

In the course of getting ready, Boruto and Himawari get into a scuffle over Himawari’s teddy bear. Boruto refuses to let her bring it, convinced she’ll get tired and make him carry it all day, but Himawari continues to insist. In the tug-of-war, the bear’s head gets ripped and Boruto all too late realizes his mistake. Suddenly, Himawari’s latent Byakugan activates as she zeroes in on her now-terrified brother. Naruto, who had been waiting for them, steps in to stop Himawari and her attack hits him instead, thoroughly knocking him out (and even throws Kurama for a loop).

At the inauguration venue, everyone seems concerned that Naruto hasn’t shown up. Hinata leaves Naruto’s robe with Kakashi and goes home to check on Naruto, and eventually they resort to having Konohamaru use the Transformation Jutsu to pass as Naruto. Meanwhile, Hinata returns home to find Naruto passed out and recognizes the Halted Chakra Point, wondering who could’ve done it. Unbeknownst to her, Himawari has not given up her pursuit of Boruto, now hiding in fear for his life. Once again, he all too late realizes the redundancy of hiding from the Byakugan. Needless to say, he resolves never to upset Himawari again.

In the present, Boruto is surprised by his father coming home to see Himawari, having left Shikamaru and a shadow clone to cover for him. Though he seems inwardly happy that Naruto actually came home, that changes when they squabble over what to make Himawari for dinner. Boruto insists on hamburger steak since Himawari had requested it earlier, but Naruto insists that rice porridge is better since she’s still sick. Hinata then kicks them outside for being noisy (clearly Boruto hasn’t learned his lesson about angering Hyuga women), and two resort to finding dinner elsewhere. No surprise, Naruto takes his son to Ichiraku Ramen, which has grown considerably over the years and is now a full-fledged restaurant with Ayame now at the helm. Naruto even mentions to Boruto that he and Hinata came to Ichiraku on their first date, but Boruto refuses to believe Hinata would like ramen that much.

While they eat, they notice a newscast about an upcoming Five Kage Summit to be held in the Leaf Village. Boruto asks if that means Naruto will get busier and lectures him not to make Hinata and Himawari sad, but Naruto tells him not to worry. Just then, they run into Choji and Chōchō who have decided to start a monthly ramen-eating contest (no surprise they take it extremely seriously). Chōchō declares that she will break the record held by the “Legendary Queen of Gluttony.” Sometime later, they declare the contest a tie, both having come short of breaking the record. Boruto asks who the Legendary Queen is, and Naruto reluctantly reveals that it is fact Hinata, much to Boruto’s astonishment.

Back at home, Hinata notices Boruto’s overturned photo of Naruto’s inauguration ceremony. That day, Naruto expressed surprise that Himawari’s Byakugan had awoken. Although his inauguration had been his dream, Naruto reveals that he has a new dream: to protect his large “family.”

Since the episode largely focused on when Naruto became Hokage, I was a bit confused since this had already been covered. Though, seeing more added to it was a nice bonus. I don’t remember if the mini-movie Himawari hunting Boruto, but that was surprisingly intense. When Himawari’s bear ripped, in that brief silence that followed, I remember thinking “She’s either gonna cry or kill him.” I had no idea that was the moment her Byakugan awoke, but when it did, it was basically a “Dude, you dead” for Boruto. The Byakugan is powerful enough in the hands of a trained adult, so forget a child having a tantrum over their favorite toy. I do find it a tad ironic that Boruto had looked forward to the Hokage inauguration and yet outwardly resents his father for becoming Hokage. At Ichiraku, Boruto mutters “And whose fault is it that I can’t just be a happy-go-lucky kid?” and wonders why his own family can’t be as close Choji and Chōchō. As if he doesn’t realize it’s his own fault. The sooner he gets over this ridiculous animosity towards his father, the happier he’ll be. At times, it feels like we’re obligated to like the main character, but sometimes I just get really tired of Boruto acting like a brat.

The next episode seems to focus on the kids and their fathers, though the narration seems to focus on Sarada so we may finally get to more father issues from her.


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