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The Showdown! Naruto vs Ichigo, Who would win?

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So what would happen if Naruto & Ichigo were to have an all out match. One is dead and the other stands victoriousIt would be “Naruto vs Ichigo” the two most popular anime protagonist in the world to date. Both have almost similar characteristics for example the major one a inner demon. Naruto has the Jinchūriki one of nine that takes over its host and sends them on a rampage. While Ichigo has his Hollow form which that also controls him attacking both friend and foe. Later in each storyline both Naruto and Ichigo learn to control their respective forms but this article isn’t about that! This is naruto vs ichigo while naruto isn’t in control over the nine tail fox and before Ichigo learned how to shut his hollow form off. Who would win? Put your votes in below and lets see who would really win the battle!

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  1. This is a tough choice. Naruto gets stronger with more tails he gain in his Jinchuriki form when enraged and Ichigo can shoot Cero and dash really fast.

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