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Manga Review: Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 1

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By Sui Ishida 

VIZ Media

Have you ever taken a girl out on a date and rather than getting a good night kiss, she bites you? Kinky right? I mean wait, no, scratch that, lets rephrase that entire sentence. Have you ever taken a girl out on a date and she turns out to be a ghoul? It’s a bit of a bummer, put those condoms you had ready “just in case” away, because ghouls and humans just don’t mix.

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Or do they?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hopefully you all are having fun eating your fill in delicious foods and spending wonderful time with family. For this Thanksgiving I decided to talk about a show where the main character can’t enjoy any of it!

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Sad Kaneki is sad. 

Tokyo Ghoul is a story about Ken Kaneki who during a terrible accident consisting of an evil woman, a construction zone, and God throwing steel beams on demons! Ends up having to get an organ transplant, but the organs he receives are not human. In fact, with bad luck as terrible as this, I’m lead to believe that Kaneki spent his free time smashing mirrors or walking under ladders. No, the organs he receives are ghoul organs, the doctors don’t know because ghouls are basically the same as humans except for one small detail. They can only eat human flesh.

The first manga of these series takes us through the first nine chapters of Ken Kaneki’s life, after the organ transplant we get to read as he adjusts to his new life. Is he taking it well? HELL NO! His taste is completely off the frits to where everything tastes repulsive and as his hunger worsens so does his bloodlust. Kaneki doesn’t want to give into the hunger though, because why would you want to eat something that only days ago, you were. It’s like if Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid’ started cutting up her underwater friends after she became human because “fish tacos are delicious.”

The story of Kaneki is a tragic one, but that’s what makes it such a compelling piece of literature. You can really feel the struggle that he has within himself throughout the manga, from not only the words but the beautiful artwork as well. He has to deal with not being human, but also not being ghoul either. He feels trapped and alone, on one side is his best friend Hide and on the other is Touka and a slew of other ghoul posy.

Kaneki is a compelling character, in times when he is able to resist and even in times where he loses control because hunger sucks. If you give this manga a look, you should be able to instantly tell that this story has a plethora of potential.

It had three manga’s out in English now with the fourth one being released in December. It also has an anime as well with two season already. I wanted to keep this review as a spoiler free as possible, of course some of the stuff has been given away, but I tried to shield you from the major stuff…kind of.


Again I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember, be thankful you can taste all the delicious food. Some people can only satisfy their hunger with human flesh, what a drag it would be to never be able to enjoy cake ever again.

Let that sink in.

05 TG

Sad Kaneki is…still sad.

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