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Tokyo Ghoul Collector’s Edition [Season 1]

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Tokyo Ghoul

Hey guys!

I was looking through my gmail earlier today and happened to stumble upon this very nice piece of Funimation love and thought I’d share! I don’t know how long this has been up for but if you’re a Tokyo Ghoul fan there is a collector’s edition for season 1 for preorder!

© Funimation

What is included? Episode commentaries, Japanese commercials, promotional videos, preview collection, textless opening and closing songs, U.S. trailer, trailers, a 60 page artbook, a 40 page blank journal resembling Kaneki’s ‘Monochrome of Rainbows’, fabric poster, 4 art cards, and a collector’s edition box showing Rize and Kaneki’s transformation.

4 Discs (2 Blu Ray and 2 DVD) with episodes 1 – 12

Cost: $97.49 (25% saving)

Release Date: 9/22/15

I really want this but I can’t afford to buy stuff right now! At the same time though, I probably wouldn’t buy this even if I did have money, haha! For one I already bought this on itunes a little after it finished airing? And even though I said I’d buy the physical copy…I’m…struggling…price…! But I know others like this sort of thing so I thought I’d share 😀

Also, considering the regular DVD and Blu Ray pack costs ~$50 this bundle actually sounds very tempting…

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