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Tokyo Ghoul – The Series & The Concept

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Tokyo Ghoul is one of those series where the artwork, story, music and overall concept are priceless. The manga, of course, doesn’t match up to the actual TV Series. But one can’t compare two completely different fields of art and genre and hope to obtain the same feeling.

Everything is different and nothing can ever be replicated 100%, especially when it comes to anime. So on that note, I would like to start this review by telling you (the viewer) that this is not a review. It’s an examination of one of the many shows I consider art. Now lets explore what is Tokyo Ghoul.

The Story


In Tokyo Ghoul we are brought into a chaotic Japan. Humans in Tokyo are in an all out battle against the Ghouls. There isn’t much knowledge on how the Ghouls came to be, but one thing is known; only human blood can satisfy their hunger. The police are the only ones able to stop ghouls from taking innocent lives. As the battle continues the people of Tokyo continue to live in fear while the ghouls and police massacre one another in the streets.

The Protagonist [ Kaneki ]

From the beginning Ken Kaneki seems to be just a lonely soul. Hideyoshi Nagachika is soon introduced as his best friend, but he seems to be the only person Ken interacts with. The only hobby Ken has is reading books so when he randomly sees a girl who is reading the same books as him, he immediately becomes interested and strikes up a conversation with her. This girl’s name is Rize Kamishiro, who unbeknownst to Kaneki, is a ghoul. When Rize decides to eat Ken in a dark secluded alley on their way home, beams magically fall from the sky to obliterate his former ghoul crush into mush. Clinging to life from his injuries, one nurse and one creepy doctor with a bushy 70’s mustache tend to his wounds. When Kaneki resumes consciousness his life seems normal at first. That is until the first thing he eats tastes like total crap. The reason for that ends up being that his ex-ghoul date’s kakuhou was transplanted into him to save his life. Talk about bad luck! It’s as if nothing ever goes right for Kaneki. From here, I leave the rest of his story for you to finish!

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