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raffikkiz’s Top 10 Anime

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My Top 10 Anime in no particular order. 


From time to time I fall like a piece of lead for shounen anime that have real spirit in their fight scenes.

The characters in this anime grow together at a decent enough speed for me. I like how there is a story being told within the story because I like piecing ideas, details and facts together to form a larger picture. I’m not the biggest fan of Mecha but there is enough happening in the anime to keep me locked in. The romance was interesting and kind of frustrated me at times and even left off on a bit of a hang over, but given the circumstances I accepted it graciously. I think I really liked how Apollos never gave up -and happened to munch on live rats.


Where to begin….

One character goes through large and obvious psycho-emotional changes while another character manages to adapt to everything very subtly. When the creators of this anime were being interviewed they openly admitted and clearly stated that the show would consist of two main characters. Arguably one character does seem to get more air time in some episodes but you can’t argue that both characters are outstanding and worthy of being titled “Main Characters”. I leaned more toward Inaho (boy on the right side in the photo above) because he was so straight-forward and relied heavily on logic. While my knowledge of science and physics may be limited, I truly love it. Aside from just a few fallacies in the science of the anime it made so much sense! Defeating an enemy who wields a plasma-sword by dropping them into the surrounding ocean? The Plasma flash steams the surrounding ocean water “and the impact from the high pressure steam killed him”. I am utterly satisfied with the originality of the fight scenes. Inaho also loses his left eye and gets a robotic replacement. Inaho is basically Oden at this point. He ultimately has the eye removed at the end of the anime because “it isn’t necessary anymore”. Inaho -as a smart, logical, mature and humble character, will always hold a special place in my top 10 anime.

Fate/Stay Night

Veering away from the mecha-oriented anime genre we come across this beauty. Quite literally. The photo above is fan-art, but the saturated blues and reds stay true to the anime.

I think the visual appeal alone convinces me that this anime is awesome. Aside from the pretty colors, the fighting scenes in this anime are intense and they aren’t dragged out for several episodes. Characters are shown trying to solve their own internal-conflicts and at times are even shown trying to help solve each others. A prime example being when Rin declares that her goal in life now is to help Shirou stop hating himself. Romance, Action and Plot were well balanced and sometimes led into each other quite nicely. Most of the antagonist were filled with such dignity and sense of righteousness that I wanted to root for them even though they were contending with the MC. Serious loop-holes are explored and exploited and make for great plot-twists. I love plot-twist especially when I don’t see them coming.

Origin: Spirits of The Past


Frankly I would like to live in this false world. Living plants and a great view of the cracked moon?

Count me in. There are so many questions left unanswered but they kind of add to the mystique of the anime. It’s not a mystery anime but it does reach into the sci-fi world. Sci-fi does great with or without mysteries. Some things just work the way they do because they can. This kid (MC) dies and is reincarnated with the help of a tree and its fruit. Your argument is invalid.


Clannad After Story

Feels trip… Need I say more….

I nearly cried. I would pause the videos every few seconds, take a breathe and let my not-yet-shed-tears dry up before soldiering on.

You start off fine and dandy but suddenly you stub your toe. However, not on a desk, corner or dresser. You’re wearing flip-flops and trotting along side a commercial road when you stub your toe on a P.O. box. As you droop your pitiful-self over to grab your toe -someone walks by with their giant, violent, mix-breed mut and it decides to lash out at you. You instinctively jump in the opposite direction of attack and find yourself treading on the verge of thin ice. You’re on the edge of the street, but with just enough space between you and the cars that you manage to avoid getting hit by the side-view mirror. Just as you try to retreat to the mainland and away from the flow of traffic a cyclist comes racing toward you on one of their funny-looking road bikes. You struggle to jump out of the way with your swollen toe and flip flops. Now you’re staring at the headlights of a BMW for only a few seconds before it rams into you. As you fly through the air -breathless- you notice that you’ve been flung up so high in to the air that some cars are actually driving past you.. but also under you. I bet you didn’t even notice that you’re actually on the other side of the road soaring over oncoming traffic moving in the opposite direction did you? Just as you’re about to make a naive smirk at the cars that are driving under you, a tall semi-truck comes along and finishes you off mid-air. FATALITY. That is the type of feels trip that this anime offers.

Chrome Shelled Regios


This anime is full of walking cities (Chrome Shelled Regios), Filth Beast, and overpowered characters. I am always on the hunt for overpowered characters. An anime about walking cities is also darn original in my opinion.

People harness the power of their own Kei and use weapons called DITE to fight giant beasts that now overrun the world. The anime has a post-apocalyptic setting but the atmosphere isn’t always there. Some episodes feel more tamed, subtle and beautiful because they take place inside of these walking cities; specifically the city of Zuellni. The anime does a good job of transitioning from one setting to another without making a sloppy mess of it.

From the very beginning of the anime all I wanted to see was Layfon Alseif (Main Character) go all out and not hold back his punches. My expectations were met and I was ridiculously happy when I finally got to see Layfon accept his true powers. Layfon has a ridiculous amount of Kei stored within him even when compared to other people that have high Kei outputs. He constantly overloads his DITE weapons with his Kei and they either malfunction or break. He was trained to use a double edged DITE but for personal reasons he decides to limit himself to only single edged DITEs. It isn’t until later when he finally decides to wield a double-edged DITE and fight an old comrade and a Filth Beast that we get to see his true powers. The actual lore behind this anime is somewhat extensive, but you have to know that the director passed away -making further progress into the story-line impossible.



Just the name of this anime is enough for me to like it. FOOLY COOLY. The hell does it mean? Who cares? The name rolls of your tongue like fine wine.

I don’t want to try and explain the story. I’m not even convinced that there is a story. Oddly enough, the overall quirkiness of the anime is what really attracted me. One of the characters is a girl that drives around on a seemingly indestructible bike and has a thing for swinging her electric guitar at anything that moves. She also happens to love spicy food. The main character is a boy who happens to be fixed with a cranial-trans-dimensional-gateway to who knows where. What we do know is that giant monsters can come out of the boy’s head and the girl with the indestructible bike always comes to destroy them with her electric guitar. I should also mention that the earth is in danger of being ironed flat by literal giant-irons. How it all connects is beyond me. I can’t help but fall in love with this anime because of how awkward the story and characters are when put together.



I wish I could say that I like this anime because I have a loli-complex -especially for ones in puffy dresses. That explanation would be so much easier.

The girl you see in the picture above looks exactly like her mom does. The boy you see is a transfer student. He happens to wander off into a library not to far from the school he now attends. He finds this girl who turns out to be ridiculously smart. She is so smart in fact that her own father only wants her so that she can make predictions and suggestions for the future when he ultimately brings war to the world. She loves to read, loves sweets, and has never explored the world beyond the school and the library. She can get really jealous and puts up a harsh front, but she is actually really caring and understanding. She spends her days solving crimes and mysteries for her brother who is a detective. Victorique is her name. She is most often found laying over several open books in different languages as she reads them all at the same time. I think Victorique’s tsundere attitude along with her love for books and knowledge is the real reason that this anime claimed a little place in my heart. Oh and the romance develops nicely and blossoms nicely at the end. 

The Irregular at Magic Highschool


Tatsuya, Tatsuya, Tatsuya…

I mentioned before that I love overpowered characters. I would have to commit to my own death through Seppuku before overlooking Tatsuya Shiba. Everything revolves around the science of magic this anime-world. People that can use magic to manipulate matter are considered talented. By these standards Shiba is proved almost talentless -save for his knowledge in magic manipulation. Shiba practices his own type of magic which is very unique to him and only him. Instead of manipulating matter he can basically delete it or totally recreate something as it was within the past 24 hours. The anime claims its own ideas of science and how everything in the world works. It does a good job of explaining itself and why it works. Shiba is basically immortal because he can recreate himself if he takes excessive damage. the world is basically made of Eidos. A magic wielder naturally absorbs Eidos and uses it to cast spells. Most people have small reserves of Eidos in their body and can only cast so much magic before completely exhausting themselves. Shiba actually absorbs so much Eidos that he shines to the point that people around him have to turn away (when certain barriers/limiters are removed).

Aside from being undeniably strong and smart he is also very mature. He isn’t easily flustered by a girls suggestive and flirtatious attitude toward him and he doesn’t act on irrational emotions. He is coordinated in everything and even good looking. There is nothing that I could possibly dislike about him. Shiba Tatsuya is my favorite anime character and so it goes without saying that this anime should be in my top ten.

Spice no Wolf



Kraft Lawrence, the man in the photo, is ‘Spice’. Holo, the woman in the photo, is ‘Wolf’. Holo is an immortal being and Lawrence is an average man trying to make a living.

Here is an anime that does not have two high school students quarreling over their respective feeling for one and the other. The anime revolves around the daily lives of Lawrence and his companion Holo. If you want to know how they met than you should watch the anime. These two adults do have their quirks but they accept the fact that they share a mutual feeling of romance between themselves. Normally these two would just go on a date and call themselves an item. The catch with this anime is that the setting takes place in an older era where all the people are more conservative. Put that to the side and you still have to consider that Holo is probably around five hundred years old and Lawrence is still in his twenties. Holo constantly brags about how wise she is and sometimes mocks Lawrence for being young and foolish. Lawrence knows that marrying her would mean having to watch her leave his side when he ultimately dies. Holo knows that marrying Lawrence would mean that she would have to watch him whither away on his death bed. With these internal conflicts in place it can be aggravating watching these two get along so well. You want them to get together but the undeniable truth will still be there to haunt you. 

The anime ends somewhat abruptly in comparison to the actual light novels. The interactions between these two mature adults is original and heart-jerking. The romantic dilemma that this anime provides is something that I cherish, albeit with a broken heart.

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    1. I’m glad you think so. 😀 They were exceptional anime weren’t they? Aldnoah.Zero is probably in my top 5. Aquarion was one of the very first anime that I watched. I still remember how empty I felt when I discovered that I had finished the series. ):

  1. Man, the feels in Clannad were just…I cried One Piece style tears watching that show. Great list. Might check out some of the anime I haven’t seen on here

  2. I would definitely recommend adding them to your ‘queue list’. I have yet to shed any tears while watching an anime. I plan on watching Clannad again and giving up the fight. Clannad deserves my virgin tears more than any other anime.

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