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Top 10 Video Games that Should Be Anime

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Persona 4. Danganronpa. Steins;Gate. Pokemon. School Days. Devil May Cry. These are a few of the video games that have been serialized into anime, where we let our favorite games fall into the chaos of Otaku-dom.

We’ve all had video games that we’ve wanted translated into an anime form, to truly appreciate the story without having to be stuck on the same level for 500 years. Well, not all the games on the list will have the best story, but in my opinion, I would love to see all of these transcend into the world of moe and mechas.

But enough exposition, let’s level up to this countdown!

#10 – Radiata Stories


Alright, alright, I promise. This is the only real hidden gem game on this list.

However, we’ve seen capabilities that Radiata Stories has some potential to be a an anime. If you leave the title screen sitting, as with a large amount of JRPG’s, a special cutscene will play. For Radiata Stories, we’re treated to a special anime cutscene, the intro for the game. And it looks great coming from a PS2 game.

What I envision is a comedic fantasy adventure, similar to Legend of the Legendary Heroes, as that is was what Radiata Stories is. You could even give it the serious plot in the game, but it’s possible to fit in the comedy that makes the game as special as it is. Oh, and please incorporate songs from  or at least songs similar to that of the OST. It was one of the most charming aspects of the game, as it’s so…different for an JRPG game. Who’d expect to be hearing jazz during a boss?

Also, please look into this game. It needs to be shown to the world.

#9 – League of Legends


This may be somewhat of a controversial pick on this list, but I stand by it.

League of Legends has a pretty rich lore, if Riot would stop retconning all of it into a jumbled mess. Anyway, there’s a potential to do so much with it, as there’s no real rules that you have to follow. I mean, you’d have to work with the lore and all, but when compared to something like Radiata Stories, you don’t have a set narrative to appease.

You could start with any character to be your main protagonist, like Jarven, Garen, Riven, Ahri, or even Wukong. All of these people seem ‘marketable’ for main character status. Then, you can pit the main protagonist and their party against the main antagonist, who I hope to Haruhi it’s Swain because he seems like it.

At the very least, I would want an animated movie about this. League deserves it.

 #8 – Shadow of the Colossus


Speaking of video games that deserve something, it’s Shadow of the Colossus. It was by far the greatest game to ever grace the PS2, pushing it’s technology to it’s very limit. All of this created one of the greatest fantasy adventures AND epic artistic games of all time.

Now, I don’t want this game serialized. Instead, I would rather it be a feature length anime movie based on the events of the game, showing Wander going from colossus to colossus and slaying them. But in between, we can see Wander slowly starting to lose himself both to his obsession of trying to save Mono and of the corruption the colossi are inflicting onto him. And at the end, during the final confrontation with Lord Emon, he would finally realize how far he has fallen.

If it was serialized as opposed to just made into a movie, I feel like it would be long and drawn out, even as a 13-episode length anime. Making it a movie would make it just long enough to make it enjoyable, but short enough to not get boring.

If it works out, we could maybe then see a Last Guardian and Ico movie.

#7 – Legend of Zelda


People really don’t want any kind of physical representation of the game after the cartoon utterly destroyed the legacy of the franchise. I remember there was talk of Netflix doing a series about it, but everyone yelled at them because of it. However, I wouldn’t mind an anime version.

The Legend of Zelda has a lot of material it could use as far as lore goes, and there are so many different renditions they could use in order to craft a perfect anime. It would go the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure route, making every single game it’s own series, creating the web of stories. Or, they could simply take a certain game, Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time come to mind, and turn it into the huge fantasy adventure.

Sure, voice acting has never been huge in the Legend of Zelda franchise, but a lot of anime with silent characters, especially Pokemon, have shown to be absolute classics.

#6 – Splinter Cell


Holy crap, finally not a fantasy game!

Well, Splinter Cell, possibly one of the greatest and hardest stealth video games of all times. Brilliantly designed game, but a little weak on the story. Why do I wanna see it serialized as an actual anime?

I envision a sort of war/Ghost in the Shell-esque anime, with sneaking around, foreign policy, and a lot of high tension moments that includes battles because Sam got caught. It would create a very good heart pounding action-thriller in my own opinion. Throw in some jazz about foreign policy, not existing, and stopping World War III, and we could possibly get a create action anime with maybe some sci-fi elements.

Oh, and as to what games we shoulder be covering, do Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell through Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. They have the best story, and are the best games overall.

#5 – Professor Layton


This one’s cheating a little bit, simply because Layton here HAS gotten his own animated movie, but it’s not really enough to satisfy the gentleman puzzle solver that is me.

What I see is a mystery anime broken into about 5-6 episode arcs covering each game, adding up to about 30-36 possible episodes. And if you were able to cut out filler, you could probably cut it down all the way to your average 24-26 episodes. We could start from Last Specter, so we’d be introduced on how the Professor met Luke, work our way up through the prequel trilogy, then go through the main series games to round off the series…cause…you know…Unwound Future seems like end of series things.

And it wouldn’t be your run of the mill mystery anime, either. You’d have the charm and chemistry between the Professor, Luke, and Flora to pull the show along, as well as good ole’ Inspector Chelmey and Barton to give a comedic spin on the series (Miroko and Sango from Inuyasha). Everything is ripe for the picking with this game series, and we needed some kind of puzzle game on this list.

Also, Professor Layton for Smash!

#4 – Final Fantasy XIII


A Final Fantasy, or at least a Square Enix game, had to be on the list. What probably surprised you, however, was that it wasn’t Final Fantasy VII, no no no….it’s the way superior game, Final Fantasy VIII!

As a side note, the runner up for the Final Fantasy slot was Final Fantasy X, but I feel like that is content as is. Also, who’d want to see that creepy laugh scene in anime format?

So, why Final Fantasy VIII over Final Fantasy VII? Simply put, I like it better. End of story. Later. On to number 3.

You’re still there, aren’t you?

Fine, fine. I’ll tell you why. Final Fantasy VIII, I feel, has a stronger main character in Squall, because Cloud is a bit of a whiny brat. He’s hard, he’s tactical, is strong, and he has a VERY tragic background that explains why he’s this kind of soldier. He’s kind of like Guts from Berserk, but he actually has an arm. Also, the love story with Rinoa was a great dynamic to begin with. In essence, she humanizes him, warms him to the world. It’s one of the love-equations that works, as opposed to your run of the mill ‘I’m the main protagonist, and you’re the female lead. Let’s watch some Netflix and Chill.’ – Every other Final Fantasy/Video Game ever.

One more reason I want it to be Final Fantasy VIII: Final Fantasy VII got a movie, and several spin off games. Final Fantasy VIII got none of that.

#3 – Silent Hill 2


Now, one of the hardest things in anime if horror, as the things that cause anime to be anime make creating good atmosphere kind of difficult. Atmosphere is what separates genuine horror from your run of the mill jumpscare-fest. With what horror anime we know, there’s only a few that can truly be called horror: Higurashi, Another, Attack on Titan, and Monster all come to mind. And what are they? Psychological horrors. They drill into our minds, creating these horrific situations that fill us full of dread for the characters and our own psyche.

That’s where Silent Hill 2 comes in. Hailed as one of the greatest horror video games of all time, Silent Hill 2 creates a personal hell for a certain James Sunderland, where the landscape of Silent Hill (the town the game takes place) is constantly changing with his own psyche. As far as psychological horror goes, Silent Hill 2 defines the genre itself.

You could literally follow the plot of the game, with James Sunderland trying to cope with the mysterious death of his wife, and come out with a great horror anime. Even the interactions James has with Eddie, Maria, Angela, and Laura can be used to instill further dread, as we see each character slowly inch more and more into madness. It would be perfect.

I’m not gonna lie, but I’m interested to see how they would end up portraying the ‘Pyramid Head mannequin humping” scene. Hey, just curious.

#2 – Metal Gear Solid


Remember how I said Splinter Cell could be a great ‘Ghost in the Shell-esque anime?’ Well, Metal Gear Solid could be a better Ghost in the Shell-esque anime. The thing Splinter Cell was missing, in all honesty, were OP science enhanced supersoldiers. In Metal Gear Solid, we find nuke carrying mechs, cyborg ninjas that can appearantly beat Wolverine in a death battle (Screwattack’s video here), psychics, people with nanomachines, and the list goes on.

With the kind of things Metal Gear Solid pulls, I’d expect nothing less then a full on action anime. Seriously, for being a stealth games, there are plenty of over the top action sequences, even during the first game before the REALLY ridiculous things were added. Do I have to bring up Grey Fox holding up an entire mech?

Metal Gear Solid would make such a great sci-fi action anime, that I really can’t even really say any more on it. It could literally be the next Ghost in the Shell if one were to treat it correctly.

Unlikely we would ever get this or Silent Hill 2…because you know…Konami’s kinda greedy like that.

#1 – Kingdom Hearts


Speaking of video games that’ll probably never have an anime, we have the 50% of Disney’s intellectual property, Kingdom Hearts.

To me, Kingdom Hearts has what makes every fantasy adventure great: A good plot, likable main characters, and great character interactions. The chemistry with Sora, Donald, and Goofy makes for a great team of main characters, with their comedic yet their obvious care for each other.

And it doesn’t have to be just a comedy! There are parts in each Kingdom Hearts that are truly emotional, even in the first game! Need I mention when Donald and Goofy leave Sora because Riku was actually the keyblade master the entire time? Or when Sora sacrifices himself to give Kairi’s heart back to her? Each game has it’s share of sorrow, happiness, and joy. For having Disney characters in these games and seeming like it was marketed to kids, it has some of the most heartbreaking moments of any game I’ve ever played. Just watch this clip, and you’ll be bawling like me and my brother were playing through this game.

To make a game out of Kingdom Hearts, you have to do 1, Chain of Memories, 2, 3D, and then 3 when it comes out in order to get the main story games. And hey, if it were popular enough, maybe we could see an anime of 358/2 Days and Birth by Sleep, as those games are great in their own right.

Even though we’d probably never make it through the wall of Disney’s copyright claim, there is hope for us. There is a manga for Kingdom Hearts, which could mean that it is possible to create an anime of this great video game. Please, Square Enix, we want this anime, more then all of the video games you could possible make into an anime.


Sorry for my begging at the end. I REALLY want a Kingdom Hearts anime.

But, I’m curious, what video games would you love to see be made into anime? Let me know in the comments below, and make sure to drop a like so we know you guys like this kind of thing! But until next time, this has been the Anime Analyst. Zachary, out.

PS: Layton for SSB

Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill 2 are owned by Konami.

Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VIII, and Radiata Stories are owned by Square Enix.

Splinter Cell is owned by Ubisoft.

League of Legends is owned by Riot Games.

Professor Layton is owned by Level 5.

The Legend of Zelda is owned by Nintendo.

Shadow of the Colossus is owned by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Please don’t sue us…especially you, Disney. Hey! HEY! Get away from that report button! I see you! Stop!

Who invited Disney anyway?

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    Can Someone here Make Me Understand Who’s gonna be TIFA Lover ?
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    1. Canonically, Tifa’s love interest is Cloud, as they’re both from FF7. Squall’s love is Rinoa. I hope I’ve answered your question.

  2. I agree with so many of these, especially Layton and LoL. League of Legends, while I haven’t played it (I refuse to download games on my computer after the last time I did that, it put a virus on my old one) sounds so fascinating, so to have an anime telling me these great-sounding stories would be amazing. As for Layton, well, my dad is a fan of both anime and mysteries, but not video games. This is why I want Layton to have his own anime series because I just know he would eat it up. (Hence why I’m really glad Ace Attorney’s finally getting this treatment) Heck, that’s how I got him into Persona 4.

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