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NekoDarius’ Top 5 Horror and Mystery Animes

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Mystery and horror anime’s should begin to peak right about this time as Halloween creeps ever so closer. We’ll take a look a five anime’s that I deem as must watches when you have time.


5. Blood-C

I honestly only liked this because of Alexis Tipton.

Blood-C was released in 2011 as the second anime in the Blood franchise. Blood-C was originally tabbed as a sequel to Blood+ and was directed by Tsutomu Mizushima. Saya Kisaragi was voiced by two of the best voice actresses, Nana Mizuki (Japanese) and Alexis Tipton (English).

If you haven’t watched Blood-C or even Blood+ you have missed out on a good horror action anime.

4. Riddle Story of Devil

12 girls, 1 listed as a target. 1 defects to be her savior. Can’t get much better than that.

Want a mystery-drama that, to this very day, still gets me excited about what the ending looked like? Riddle Story of Devil is just what I’ll prescribe at No.4.

Haru Ichinose is a cheerful girl who happens to be dropped into a class with eleven other girls. Ten of them want to kill her while Tokaku Azuma, the protagonist, takes up the role of protecting Haru. It took no time for Tokaku to make her decision to save Haru in the first episode.

However, despite the obvious plot hole, the anime should have just enough blood and fighting to keep you entertained throughout the twelve-episode thriller.

3. Love Bullet; Yurikuma Arashi

If I told you I watched this anime, rewatched it, tried to break it down frame-by-frame and still understand it, you’d have to assume I’m a sadomasochistic person. Twelve episodes with this awkward Yuri (yep, it’s Yuri) anime will leave you with a lot of questions.

Lets start at the top: There are no men at all. There are bears, and there’s a murder mystery that features Kureha Tsubaki at the center of it all. Confused? That’s fine.

Crunchyroll’s description should clarify it all for us.

At some point, somewhere in outer space, the small planet Kumalia exploded. As the particles of what used to be Kumalia showered upon Earth as a meteor shower, for some reason all the bears on earth stood up to attack humanity! In due time, a great “Wall of Extinction” was built between humans and bears, and they could no longer show aggression towards one another… One morning, Kureha Tsubasa and Sumika Izumino were alone watching lily flowers blooming. Just then, a Bear Warning pierces loudly through the air! Mystery brings on more mysteries, a series of one raging blow after another!

2. Another

I’m not even going to go into detail here, just watch it. Or read what fellow writer Astralgemini wrote about it.


File this under mystery.

Share my pain?

Studio Trigger has done some rather interesting anime’s over the past few years and Kiznaiver is just one of those animes.

Kiznaiver brings together people from different social circles and also tells them that you share each others pain. The ideal goal of the currently incomplete Kizna System is to create world peace by connecting people through shared pain and suffering. That’s enough to bring anyone together, right?

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