Welcome To Our Upgraded Site!

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Hello anime fans and bloggers alike welcome to our upgraded site!

After a few weeks of tweaking and fiddling around, our website is now fully upgraded! To accompany our new site are a few more changes to Unime. We’re currently looking for more anime bloggers to add to our crew. You can apply by going to the top of our site and clicking “Join The Team” in our navigation bar.

We will be sending out weekly newsletter to our already massive group of email subscribers. Become a subscriber now to get our articles sent right to your inbox. When you do so your also entered into our anime raffle where you can win anime merchandise. So enjoy the new look and keep watching anime!

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Watching anime has been a hobby of mine since the age of six. Since the 90s I’ve watched hundreds of anime and hope to see many more. I’m also the founder and owner of Unime, an upcoming anime social networking site.

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