What is your current OTP?

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Hey guys!

Here comes another question following the anime club discussion we had a few weeks back! Though this time I’d like to throw out the question of OTPs. You see, the other day I was added to a list on Twitter called AZ Hell, which I admit, I kind of still reside in, but even more than that I am currently obsessed with Diamond no Ace.

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Now, if you haven’t heard of it, Diamond no Ace is a sports anime focused on a ball of sunshine named Sawamura Eijun who goes to Seido, a powerhouse high school in Tokyo, in order to develop his skills as a pitcher. The ultimate goal is to become the team’s Ace and lead them to victory at the Koushien championships.

I actually wrote up a first impression a few months back and need to get a mid-season reaction/thoughts post written up soon. And considering all the junk I recently bought it would be more accurate to say I’m in Daiya Hell (and I’m loving every minute of it), but how does this relate to OTPs? Well, my current OTP just happens to be Miyuki x Sawamura

Gah, don’t look at me like that! I never said the OTP had to be canon! 😛 

Some days after being in Daiya Hell I realized I needed to consume some MiyuSawa doujinshi and soon (because pictures and fanfiction just weren’t enough anymore). That’s when I found an LJ community. Basically they translate fanbooks for hungry fans like myself and make them available for our Daiya Hell needs!

Except that there was a catch: I had to explain why I loved MiyuSawa and/or Diamond no Ace. The answer had to be at least a paragraph long and if the moderators deemed the answer insufficient we would not be allowed access into the group.

I have to admit I was seriously freaking out over being rejected! But here’s what I came up with (as I continued writing I realized I had more to say but didn’t want to send them too much):

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I was looking for some MiyuSawa doujin and found this page. I just recently started watching Diamond no Ace and instantly fell in love with both Miyuki and Sawamura. Sawamura because he’s so enthusiastic about baseball and playing with the people he loves and cares about, the way he defends his friends from even bad talk from others. I also thought Miyuki was really interesting when he was first shown and I was curious. He was a first year catcher but the scout woman (sorry blanking on her name right now), specifically said he could draw out Sawamura’s potential. After that, I just couldn’t help but ship them both. The way Sawamura decides to go to Seido after his encounter with Miyuki and Azuma, and how he wants Miyuki to catch for him, going so far as to be bratty towards the decision to pair him with Chris.


Then there’s also Miyuki who appears to keep people at a distance with his jokingly nature but then he’ll have sudden burst of emotions, like the time when Sawamura insulted Chris or the time Sawamura ignored Miyuki while playing. He’s also really reliable and quick on his feet, very logical compared to Sawamura who’s all about emotions.


Also, I just started reading the manga!

I know there’s not much eloquence to my terrible response but it got me in, and maybe I’ll get more into detail explaining why I love these two later on (post idea!) but for now this’ll be the teaser. This question has also inspired me to re-watch the little of season 1 that I’ve already watched, just so that I can find some MiSawa moments! 😀

And now I’d like to extend the question to you all! Who is your current OTP? (I know OTP means one true pairing but singulars have never been part of my vocabulary). Is this your ultimate OTP or is it the couple you’re most obsessed with now? Why? Is it cannon? How did you come to love them? Are you a multi-shipper or do you guard your OTPs like a demon?

Have you done something like what I did with the LJ community? Be it to a friend, on social media, your blog, etc? What else do you want to tell me? I’m open to just about anything, and who knows, maybe we have some similar ships! 😀

Oh and if anyone is curious as to why I’m in Daiya Hell…I’m not pointing any fingers but someone named Shiroyuni got me hooked, haha! I somehow stumbled upon her blog and read her article The Sales Pitch for Sports (Part 1): Reasons Why You Should Watch Sports Anime and Part 2: Finding the Sports Anime You Want, we talked for a bit, and DnA was recommended…Now we freak out over how amazing and handsome Miyuki is :3

I blame her, haha! Definitely check out her content 🙂

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  1. Current OTP is Will Solace x Nico Di Angelo from Heroes of Olympus, current ANIME OTP hmmmm Yato x Hiyori from Noragami/Aragato. I accept a ot of couples but they have to be super special to make it to OTP status.

    1. is heroes of olympus a book series? :0 I checked out google and the fanart is so nice ! but i wasn’t sure what it was…lol

      I haven’t watched Aragato yet, how is it so far? I did read a bit of the manga but I only got so far >_< And what does 'super special' mean?

  2. Hmm…there are so many parings that I like…OK, let’s try a few:
    Chitoge Kirisaki and Raku Ichijo in Nisekoi. Sorta cannon, sorta not cannon but defintiely my favourite pairing in the series.
    Raphael and Alopex in the IDW run of Teenage Mutant Ninja urtles…I’m only half way through the vengeance arc but it appears to be heading towards being cannon, which is great because they are adorable together.
    Mikoto Suoh and Reisi Munakata in K, becuase they make a hot pairing as despite nto being cannon at all, there is enough friendly tension between them to fuel the fire.
    Lawrence and Holo in Spice and Wolf. Cannon and adorable 🙂
    Farhn Starchaser and Maria Grace in the Spark Form Chronicles novels. Cannon pairing who compliment each other well, with Fahrn’s bad-ass side dropping around Maria despite her best efforts to maintain her facade.

    1. So i haven’t watched nisekoi but i did read a summary and i can totally see chitoge x raku, considering how similar they are (notorious backgrounds and all)

      AH~ the pairings that you can see as almost being canon are the best! Hopefully it does become canon and doesn’t just leave you hanging, teasing you every time you watch 😛

      I totally ship mikoto x reisi though i never became obsessed with the two :3 I remember there was a scene in the first season where theyre fighting and for some reason theyre on the ground all close, almost looks like they could kiss and then they continue fighting :’D

      Lawrence and Holo are SO ADORABLE! ah! I just, I haven’t watched the anime but I have read most of the manga and they’re just killing me! It’s like theyre on the same page one moment and then Lawrence will be all ‘wah?’ and Holo will be angry and pouty and then all come hither~ lol

      Do they ever end up together in the anime?

      I couldn’t find anything on the last pairing so I’m in the dark here @_@ can you give me an author? I’d love to check it out!

      1. Raku does frustrate me though as he’s so obsessed with another girl, Onodera and my word she bores me! He’s so oblivious to his growing feelings for Chitoge too!
        With K, the almost kiss moment stood out to me too and thoroughly convinced me of their potential pairing 🙂
        The Spice and Wolf anime finished after only a few of the novels, so no. With only two novels left though, they’re pretty much together without really saying it. They continue to be so playful too 🙂
        The last one I put in as a semi-joke. I do love the pairing (and others I’ve spoken to seem to as well) but I’m very biased because I wrote the book. It’s WICK by Matt Doyle if you wanna check it out (it’s kinda trading card games like YuGiOh meets WWE wrestling with some AI philosophy and politics thrown in…think of it as a genrebent Science Fantasy with Slice of Life tendencies amongst other things). Cheeky I know, but I do love the two of them 🙂

        1. LOL well, with so many girls trying to snatch him up I’d be frustrated too, even if he hadn’t picked anyone yet 😛 He’ll get there!!

          :0!! That’s sneaky! lol so many themes thrown in together @_@ is it more science or fantasy? I’ll totally check it out if it’s not too science driven (can’t follow scifi stuff to save my life)

          Though you did say Slice of Life so maybe it’s ok xD I’ll definitely check out the preview 🙂

          1. Oh, I do hope so! If he pick Chitoge or Tsugumi I’ll be happy.

            I wanted to write something that would appeal to a broad audience, so just letting the story drag in whatever bits it wanted to seemed appropriate. It’s not too science driven though. The science is there but it’s touched on conversationally rather than from a technical standpoint…Hard Sci-Fi would likely have problems with that as I tend to avoid the technical aspects in favour of character conversation and thought. I can focus on making the characters three dimensional that way rather than just the tech. Please do check it out though, you can read the first few chapters on Amazon I believe.

            Ooh! I just thought of another pairing! Hiroki Kamijou and Nowaki Kusama in Junjo Romantica. Definitely a cannon pairing and easily my favourite couple in the series.

          2. N o lie, kamijou x nowaki just brought tears to my eyes ;__; They’re from sekaiichi hatsukoi right? lol I always get that and junjo romantica mixed up @_@ what with them being in the same world and everything

            As for my favorite there….I think I like all of them almost equally, terrorist is a little behind 😛

            oh, that’s good then! >.< I'll read the PV sometime this week :3 and I'll let you know what I think 😀

          3. Awesome 🙂

            I don’t think I’ve read/watched Sekaiichi Hatsukoi…I must hunt it down. Kamijou x Nowaka was definitely Junjo Egoist though. They were just really sweet I thought. 🙂

  3. Reina and Kumiko in “Sound! Euphonium” is one of the better couples in any anime I’ve seen. Really loved seeing that progress during the show. I haven’t rabidly shipped anything in a few years, but I have to admit this one came pretty close to OTP level for me, levels unseen since the Great Homumado Scourge of 2013.

    1. And here comes the yuri! lol I was waiting for someone to bring it up 😛 AH! that’s another show I haven’t watched yet >_< though i have heard good things about it, are they canon? (they look so cute :3) what's the Great Homumado Scourge of 2013? @_@

      1. Ha yeah they are both yuri, I didn’t realize that. Well, there’s other non-yuri couples I have really liked, like Takizawa and Saki in Eden of the East, though not many that ever got to OTP levels. One of the only yaoi couples I’ve ever super-shipped is Ike x Soren in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, really, and that’s not an anime 🙁

        Sound! Euphonium is one of my favorite shows, currently #5 in my Top 10, which is a very high honor because I’m really selective about that, so I recommend it all the way. Reina and Kumiko is canon. Well, you’ll still see debates about it on anime forums but it’s so far beyond the level of subtext that’s it’s just… text. Nowhere near implied. (The show apparently diverged from the source material to do this too)

        The Great Homumado Scourge of 2013 was when I first watched Madoka Magica, and my OTP levels of shipping reached farther than anything else I’ve ever shipped. It was awe-inspiring, and yet it it was awful.

        1. Takizawa and Saki were cute :3

          haha, it doesn’t have to be from an anime. i haven’t played that but the fanart looks nice, ive been meaning to play Awakening just because it’s in the house but I always forget to @_@

          LOL sometimes I scare myself too with my OTPs

          1. Awakening’s really good. The characters are great. The story… not so much. Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn are still the best in the series by far! Though they’re super expensive nowadays 🙁

            And yes, OTPs can be very scary when unleashed to their full. That’s how shipping wars start. I haven’t seen any shipping wars in a long time, which probably means we’re due for another one the size of the Avatar: TLA or Harry Potter wars.

          2. I try to avoid shipping wars because they can get really ridiculous but sometimes I go around reading comments bc they’re funny ridiculous 😛

            are those old games? when i looked it up I found gamecube @_@

          3. Shipping wars are primarily fought between 12-14 year old girls, though the bigger ones end up involving people of all demographics; those are the ones people really remember.

            Yep pretty old. Path of Radiance is on Gamecube, and Radiant Dawn is on the Wii. I… just realized that PoR is a decade old. Wow, how time has flown O_O

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