Winter Wonderlands: 7 Beautiful Snow-Bound Scenes In Anime

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As winter approaches, Christmastime coming on, a chill settling into the air and lights coming up on the houses, who can help but think of snow, a soft white blanket coating the world, a snowy sky muffling the sounds and smells of society, bringing peace and tranquility. No matter where you live, no matter how old you get, the sight of a fresh snowfall is able to stir up emotions in anyone’s heart.

I love the snow. I love the way it creates a quiet sort of stillness, a freshness in the world.  However, that feeling can prove difficult to translate into a visual medium such as Anime. Luckily, some have succeeded in capturing the magic of winter. Here’s my list of 7 amazing, snowy scenes in Anime!

Land of the Lustrous – Winter Snowscape

As many of you may know, Land of the Lustrous is one of my favorite shows of 2017. The beautiful visuals and riveting story are wonderful, but so far, my favorite story arc has been the Winter one. The feeling of cold, of loneliness, of quiet, is captured perfectly in the many beautiful scenic shots, as Phos struggles to adapt to the change in the environment. It’s hard to capture the true nature of a barren winterland, but Land of the Lustrous manages it beautifully.


Fate/Zero – Family Matters

Fate/Zero is my favorite installment in the Fate franchise so far. Episode 1 and 2 introduce us to the estate of the Einzberns, a family that is famous for their advanced homunculi, as well as being major contenders in the Grail wars. Episode 2 in particular gives us a wonderful scene of Kiritsugu playing with his daughter Ilya out in the snow, as Winter is gently fading away and Spring is starting to begin. It’s a beautiful and touching scene, showing us the importance of family, and the joys and wonder of wintertime.

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Erased – Childish Wonder

Erased was a smash hit series in the Winter 2016 season, featuring the story of a boy who goes back in time to save a classmate of his from a serial killer. Taking place heavily in a winter setting, Erased does a fantastic job at portraying scenes of winter from a child’s point of view, the magic, the wonder of the world covered in a blanket of snow… As well as the danger, the loneliness, the solitude that Winter can present.


Kara no Kyoukai – An End to All Things

It’s no secret that Kara no Kyoukai is one of the most visually stunning series of all time. A dark and gritty thriller series, the beautiful, ethereal visuals continue to haunt me to this day. In Shuushou, the true ending to the series, we are treated to one of the most beautiful uses of snow in Anime… well, EVER, as Mikiya and Shiki meet again, having overcome the horrors that plagued them through the entirety of the series. In a touching scene, the snowfall brings peace, comfort, and closure.


Mushishi – Silent Footfalls

Anyone who has seen Mushishi knows that it’s one of the most relaxing shows around. When it comes to scenes of peaceful nature, there’s no Anime around that does it better. Which is why, when the show gave us a winter episode, it was utterly unforgettable. Mushishi does a beautiful job depicting solitude in nature, and with the addition of snow, that feeling becomes even more pronounced.


Kanon – A White Tragedy

Kanon is one of the first shows I ever watched that really drew a lot of emotion from me. The tragic tale of friendship, love, and loss, takes place in a snowy, rural town. The heavy use of the winter setting perfectly suits what the show is trying to do, as the main character meets, interacts with, and tries to save a variety of girls in this snow-bound town. It’s a show that really, truly brings out the “magic” of winter.


Girl’s Last Tour – Tracks in the Snow

Another pick from the Fall 2017 season, Girl’s Last Tour’s first episode gives us a beautiful look at a post-apocalyptic world, covered in snow. With the calming, philosophical discussions of the adorable girls, and the wonderful snowy sound effects, this is a scene that is sure to warm your heart, even as it makes you feel the cold… just a little. It’s not one to be missed.

girls last tour 2.gif

Please, make sure to let us know what you think of our list down in the comments, and don’t forget to let us know what YOUR favorite snow-filled scenes in Anime are!

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  1. I really liked the snow episode in Erased and of course Girls’ Last Tour and Land of the Lustrous used winter beautifully this season. The only other snow scene that actually comes to mind is the first episode of Vampire Knight where Yuki is lost in the snow and attacked by a vampire. And probably that only comes to mind because I’ve been rewatching the anime to review it.

      1. I’m not the biggest fan of Vampire Knight. It is certainly watchable but it is a bit too Twilight for my tastes. I’m reviewing it sometime next week because I realised I hadn’t yet and rewatched it. I think I liked it even less after that rewatch.

  2. I live in Brazil, a tropical country in South America. Having never left the country, I never had the opportunity to see snow. It’s a childhood dream for me, one that remains strong to this day. Someday, I swear, I will have a true White Christmas.

    Until then, nothing like enjoying all the beauty in anime, right? As for my favorite snowy scene, I was going to mention one in Kanon. That’s an anime I watched a looooong time ago, so I remember very little of it. But I vaguely remember a scene that made me cry. A lot. I was literally sobbing with it. I’m not going to write it here because it would be a massive spoiler. But it’s one of those unforgettable scenes, you know? Snow really added a lot to it.

    1. Yeah, as far as sheer quantity of tears goes, Kanon still holds the top of my list. It’s such a beautiful show that does so many things so well, I just wish it was more well-known.

      I live in the northern U.S., so I get a lot of snow here. If you ever get a chance, go visit somewhere snowy during wintertime. It’s something everyone needs to experience at some point in their lives; there’s nothing else like it.

  3. Ahh…the Fate/Zero, Erased, Kara no Kyoukai ones hit me right in the feels. It’s weird how dramatic of an element snow can be, as something so silent and and still.

    1. Isn’t that part of the charm of snow, though? The silence, the stillness… That’s what I really love about snow, anyways.

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