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World Trigger [ Anime Review ]

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Before Hand Thoughts

So all the hype that came along with the manga has played out into the anime. Wold Trigger is definitely a gem amongst the rubble. Each episodes leaves me wanting more that in a sense reminds me of what came along with Attack Of Titan. I really hope that they continue this anime for as long as possible. There is a lot that can be done to this anime but hey with anime these days thats like wishing on a shooting star.

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Story Introduction 

World Trigger is takes place in a city that in the past four years has been invaded by the “Neighbors” beings from another dimension. That abduct humans for some unknown reason. Border was created after the first invasion by the neighbors to protect the inhabitants of the city. They use “Triggers” , weapons that run on “Trion” a form a energy to fight off the neighbors.

Character and Early Plot Developments

The show starts off unlike most with a seemly weak main character who later on in the show is called “Four-Eyes”. Mikumo Osamu who’s 15 and believe or not until later on in the story he still pretty wimpy. He just joined Border and is a just your average middle schooler. Voiced by Kaji Yuuki the same guy who did the voice of Arita from Accel World. Which definitely fits the character because he provides Mikumo with a more intelligent sound and vibe. But Mikumo proves that wits can turn battles around in your favor if your smart enough.

Later he bumps into Amatori, a girl you think is 7 or 8 but don’t let her looks mess with you she’s 13. Thats a two year difference between the two. At first it seems that she might just be another clumsy female main character. Who’s going to annoy you with her helplessness and maybe even cause you to dislike the show. But World Trigger has very good character development. Each character takes part in one another growth and some we’re introduced to early on. They even have parts to in the next season.

Now comes the guy you’ll come to love because of his funny remarks and “Your a liar” attitude. You just have to see for yourself. Kuga Yuuma’s probably the reason you’ll really want to keep on watching after the first episode. He actually is a “Neighbor”, that’s looking for someone his father said he should find. He saved Osamu from being almost killed by a enemy neighbor when he entered the Forbidden Zone (The only area neighbors can invaded). But Mikumo doesn’t know whether Kuga is a bad neighbor or not since he saved him. He doesn’t know weather to report kuga to border or not!

And thats when your journey into the story of World Trigger begins!

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