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I’ve always had sort of mixed feelings about You Kikkawa. I first found her through Kirarin Revolution, where she was part of the in-show girl group Milky Way, and soon after explored her solo career. I’ve always adored Sayonara Namida and DARLIN’ & MADONNA, but most of her other songs leave me undecided. At times, it feels like a few of them have an irregular beat so it’s hard (at least for me) to get your foot tapping. And then there’s her 17-and-a-half-minute long single Hana which, for obvious reasons, will never make it into my iTunes.

Sayonara, Standard

Sayonara, Standard

Unlike most of her previous singles, the song contained a lot of spoken dialogue which the subtitles crammed into long, almost illegible sentences. She starts off talking about how her life is “nothing unusual” and thinks that isn’t good enough, wanting to be like someone who always has fun with “stories that don’t make sense.” She seems tired of her easy, boring life and being unable to change. She then says goodbye to the standard and wonders if everyone would be scared of a completely different her.

I know a lot of Jpop songs aren’t supposed to make sense, but I’m really not sure where this song is trying to go. Does she want to become standard or go completely against the standard? That may seem like a stupid question given the title, but at times it seems like it goes in both directions. To be perfectly honest, You Kikkawa is near the bottom on my list of female singers but I’m still hoping she’ll surprise me someday. “Sayonara, Standard” is set to be released on May 24.

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