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Zaktaku’s Connection – Steins;Gate

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What separates great anime from anime that transcends greatness is our own personal connection to them. Whether it be because you hated an anime so much that you ended up liking it in some weird, masochistic way; or giving it the kind of glory reserved for the child of god, the closer you are with an anime the higher you look at it.

We’re here today to talk about the anime I feel the closest to, Steins;Gate. If you hate Steins;Gate, the ‘Close window’ button is on the upper right-hand corner of your screen, feel free to leave this article.

Are they gone? Great! Nobody wants those people around when they talk! Oh yeah! You may also wanna leave if you plan on watching Steins;Gate, and don’t want it spoiled. This is a…


Got it? Good.

So, what makes me so connected with Steins;Gate?

Well, the story is nice. It bases itself off of many preexisting conspiracy theories, such as your regular big cooperation in control of everything behind the scenes, the John Titor time traveler theory, even the main character acts like his whole identity is a conspiracy theory just to add some level of whimsy to himself.

The show also goes into nitty gritty of the inner workings of time travel, such as some pretty creative and plausible concepts of how a time machine could operate and what is able to be sent back in time. It takes ideas from already existing theories, such as the Many-Worlds Interpretation and the Butterfly Effect. The way it uses this, quite frankly, is brilliant.

However, the reason why this show haunts me so is simply because of this man:


He, my friends, is the best written anime character…ever. I introduce you to Okabe Rin, who should forever be called Hououin Kyoma, without shortening anything.

Hououin Kyoma starts decently as characters go, as an eccentric person who calls himself a mad scientist who opposes something called the ‘organization’. He does this simply because of character quirks. He’s a college student, and is inventing all of these pretty much useless inventions until he accidentally invents a time machine.

Interesting enough, but hardly what you would call the best written character, right?

Well, then they eventually screw up the timeline so badly that the evil corporation CERN takes notice, and go to abduct all of them, killing Hououin Kyoma’s childhood friend, Mayuri, in the process. Trying to act a hero, he goes back in time a seemingly infinite amount of times in order to save Mayuri, which he fails miserably every single time.

We literally start to watch Hououin Kyoma’s sanity start to deteriorate before our eyes, as he’s forced to watch his best friend die a horrible death over and over again. I’ve seen events sort of like this, while the main protagonist slowly losing his mind and going cold to the world, but never in a way presented like this. He hide’s behind this facade of his former whimsy, trying to act like nothing is bothering him. But as time progresses, a funny pun since this entire series takes place in the span of about 2 weeks, you start to see feel like he’s hesitating with each time he sees Mayuri die. Each little organization reference, every time he says Hououin Kyoma in some over the top manner, and every time he talks to his ‘lab assistant’ Makise Kurisu, you see the pain in his soul. He’s broken.


In essence, he becomes a tragic hero, fighting to correct humanity onto the right timeline and save his best friend from dying. To add another curveball, to save Mayuri, he has to add misery back to others, since he has to undo everything they’ve done with their time machine, which has been used to benefit others. Whether it be being born a girl instead of a boy, not having a girl’s father die in a tragic accident, or erasing the only thing tying your most trusted companions to your lab which will result in her death.

He does all of this, and we’re back to the scene in the lab where he was introducing himself, Mayuri, and the hacker of the group Daru. When he yells in triumph that he’s won, it is the greatest feeling of relief and happiness I’ve ever felt.

I loved the series, and it will forever remain as my favorite series of all time. It has done so much, and has crafted one of the greatest anime characters of history.

I’m interested, do you feel a connection to Steins;Gate, or have a connection with another anime? Leave a like so we know you enjoy these kind of things, and leave a comment below about what anime you feel a connection for for any reason. But this has been the Anime Analyst. Zachary, Out.

El Psy Congero

Steins;Gate is licensed by Funimation. We do not own any of the screenshots used or the anime of Steins;Gate. Please don’t sue us.

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  1. I have quite a number of friends who never liked this anime but i will agree with you, Steins Gate is one of those “classic gems” and incredibly most intriguing anime of all time. The concept of Okabe Rin as a character alone justifies it. Steins Gate as you said some where earlier, its one of those anime that have left a digital imprint or let me put it as a firm feeling of joy for having had a chance to watch it.

    Actually this post has reminded me of Ergo Proxy. I loved that one too.

    1. It’s a hard anime to get into, but it’s well worth it. And as I stated, the story cements it as my favorite anime

      But what makes it special for me is Hououin Kyouma, as his character growth defines the anime. I don’t think it would be quite as impact unless we got Hououin Kyouma slowly going insane, and coming back again. It literally is giving me shivers just thinking about it. It’s heart breaking, yet heart warming at the same time, all culminating into a euphoric moment when Hououin Kyouma yelling at the top of his lungs how he won.

      Also, I’ve heard of Ergo Proxy. Is it a lot like Steins;Gate?

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