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Zaktaku’s Top 10 Favorite Anime

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Anime is one of the hardest things to really pinpoint which are your favorite. I think I would rather pick my favorite child…you know…when I actually have one. But anyway, after much debate, war threats, and breaking of friendship, I think I was finally able to compile my top 10 favorite anime. Please, enjoy, and consider checking these out!

#10 – Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon (Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere)


This anime is a lot of things. It has a very interesting lore, it’s funny, it’s pretty raunchy at times, it’s beautifully animated, and it has awesome fight scenes. Even if I can’t really understand it’s complex story about modern day/historical warfare and politics, it still puts a smile on my face, especially when Tori acts like a complete idiot. It also has an absolute metric ton of common anime tropes, such as mechs, witches, emotionless girls, werewolves, even shrine maidens; all bundled into one pretty fun adventure.

#9 – My Bride is a Mermaid


This, by far, is one of the funniest series I have ever watched…that and Baka and Test.

The reason why this one is on the list and Baka and Test isn’t, is simply because between the both of them, I ended up enjoying My Bride is a Mermaid more. This is simply because, in between the utter chaos that is the comedy in this show, there are some legitimately sweet moments. My Bride is a Mermaid literally puts the ‘Romance’ in romantic comedy. You actually get a feel for the two main characters, and see them develop into real lovers.

#8 – Black Lagoon


If you want a dark action anime, screw what people tell you, and watch this.

Because no other dark action anime really does what this does for me, and that is explore the REALLY bad things currently running in the underbellies of the world. I’m talking terrorist operations, human trafficking, gang wars, they even go as far to talk about child pornography. Yeah, pretty brutal. Accompanying all of the taboo material is a lovely fan fair of bullets and explosions, where one girl can take down an entire army of thugs.

Anime, people. Plot armor so strong that it would make J.R.R. Tolkin blush…you know…Lord of the Rings? Everybody lives even though they face unlivable situations?

Bah, you guys aren’t real geeks.

#7 – Plastic Memories


The most recent entry on my list, I finished Plastic Memories a couple of weeks ago…and it’s propelled its way to the top of my favs chart.

The reason I love Plastic Memories is that it’s much more then just a ‘feelz’ anime for me. It makes you feel all of these different emotions besides just being sad, such as loneliness, despair, happiness, love, companionship, everything. Plastic Memories also really hits home for me, because of how it portrays loss in the anime. It makes you begin to wonder when your loved one’s expiration date might be, and what you would do when that time approaches.

Yes, I cried at the end of the series.

#6 – Angel Beats


Even though I loved Plastic Memories, Angel Beats holds an even more special part in my heart.

Not just because it was my first ‘feelz’ anime, but because it was my very first non-mainstream non-Shonen Jump anime. It was my first time ever really going beyond the boarders of the thick skin of anime, and going deep into otaku-dom. In a way, Angel Beats was partly responsible for me becoming a full fledged otaku.

I guess you could say it helped me spread my angel wings! Yeah?…You guys are no fun…I’m just…gonna…you know…go to number 5 now…


#5 – Log Horizon


I sure do like the word Horizon, don’t I?

I loved Log Horizon as an anime, which was surprising because I ended up watching it because so many anime reviewers on youtube kept suggesting the anime as a better Sword Art Online. What I saw drew me in, and became one of my favorite animes ever. Every character is done right, in my opinion, even if they don’t have character development. You really love the protagonists, and love to hate the antagonists…however, at the end of the first season, there was that one lord that I wanted to rip his throat out because he was one of the most annoying people I have ever scene in anime. ANYWAY, I also want to give a special love to the opening, because it is one of my favorite of all time.

#4 – Sword Art Online


Yeah, Log Horizon may be the better anime between the two, but I love Sword Art Online much more.

You see, when I was watching Sword Art Online, I was going through a bit of a dry spell. I was barely watching any anime, and was about to quit the genre all together. I had essentially lost interested in anime, and I didn’t know why.

Then I saw Sword Art Online on Toonami, and found my spark of passion for anime again. I loved the action, the animation, the music, and the story was pretty decent (till part 2 of season 1.). The anime has quite a bit of substance, especially in the aforementioned categories, but I mostly love it just because it was able to do that for me, as an otaku.

# 3 – Accel World


Welcome, this is Sword Art Online’s sister anime, Accel World. Now, she’s a little shy, because she didn’t get the recognition she deserved, but it’s okay. Say hi, Accel World!

In all actuality, Accel World came out at about the same time as Sword Art Online, and it was made by the writer of…you guessed it, SAO. However, to me, Accel World did everything that Sword Art Online did…and made it better. It shows how the game interacts with the real world better, it showed how somebody can abuse the systems better, and it has equally as epic fights. Accel World also showcases much better characters, story arcs, and the rest of things you would expect in anime.

Also, I relate to the main character on some things, so lulz.

#2 – Gurren Lagann



If this list was rated on how epic these animes were, this would be number infinity, plain and simple. I came into Gurren Lagann, already knowing how OP this mech was because I had heard over and over again. I knew about Nia’s death, and everything in the last episode because my brother had video tapped it and I watched it. I recently got around to watching it…and wow. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The music, the characters and the story were fine…but dear Haruhi, the action that was jammed into this anime is truly astonishing.

However, the thing that appeals to me most about this one is simply how it never takes itself seriously. Name one moment where Gurren Lagann ever tried to convey to you that this was a serious drama, or an action thriller? No, it advertises itself as a logic-breaking action adventure that will make your cry tears of manliness, of happiness, and of sadness.

Now…my number 1 MAY be a bit controversial…

#1 – School Days


Hehehehe….hehehe…PFFFFFFT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my god, you thought I actually liked this piece of garbage, didn’t you? Dear god, this anime sucks! Badly! On to the REAL number 1!

The REAL #1 – Steins;Gate


This, to me, is an anime that almost does everything perfectly.

Steins;Gate has lovable (And relatable characters given that you’re currently reading a blog meant for geeks), excellent story telling using time travel, amazing plot twists, pretty good animation, and really good music (subtle, and makes a great scene into an experience).

Now, albeit Steins;Gate was slow at first, it became addicting with each new episode, where I began to burn through the entire series in 2 days, which you should never do especially in a thinker such as this. You’ll kill yourself.

My favorite aspect of this entire anime, is the main character, Okabe Rin, who will forever be known as Hououin Kyouma. He starts off as an eccentric college student posing as a mad scientist, but as the series progresses, you start to see him start to psychologically break down as he dives deeper and deeper into the horrors of time travel. You see him breaking, and you literally start to live his reality.

He is one of the greatest anime characters of all time in my opinion, just because he goes through the most growth I’ve ever seen…ever.

But alas, that is the end of my list.

Before you try to argue why one of these isn’t a good anime, this is my opinion, and if it isn’t good enough for ya…why are you reading this blog post?

But do tell me your favorite anime in the comments. I’m always open to listened. But until next time, this has been the Anime Analyst. Zachary, out.

Anime pictures used:

Picture 1: Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

Picture 2: My Bride is a Mermaid

Picture 3: Black Lagoon

Picture 4: Plastic Memories

Picture 5: Angel Beats

Picture 6: Log Horizon

Picture 7: Sword Art Online

Picture 8: Accel World

Picture 9: Gurren Lagann

Picture 10: School Days…I threw up a bit writing that.

Picture 11: Steins; Gate

Picture 12: There is no picture 12, silly

None of these anime, or screenshots of these anime, are owned by us….so yeah, don’t sue us.

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